It's Peter's Birthday

It's Peter's birthday
Most people think I'm fine and I am, in case you were wondering, except for the life inside.
Peter passed away October 26, 2010 and it's 2016 February 23 his birthday~now I no longer expect him to come through the door, or sense he is waiting for me outside the shop or the hairdressers. Hearing his voice doesn't happen as much and only occasionally do I get angry at '’How could he have left me like that???’ So many mysteries.
He is somewhere else ~that absolute elsewhere and I am still here. Death has moved in. Death and I talk sometimes. And I say no not yet.. Not yet! I have life. Places to go, people to see~ You, you go to the other room! There are these songs that millions of people haven't heard, I cannot desert the living... Not yet, A need to set the record straight, help make human rights a reality
think about planting a Spring garden, 
There is still work for me to do~ 
I need to walk in a shallow creek up to my knees
And collect stones, ones with beings in them and smooth ones, to paint. 
Come to terms with Melanie
and the authentic self
So Death, I know you're here but just go wait in that old cupboard I hardly ever open. We'll just remember Peter's birthday ~forget about the sorrow, regret and out create it.
Ah, birth and death, neither ever goes away, and we are all participants, like it or not
So… it seems so simple
as we are all in this together~
Seek the highest good and be kind. Let's just do that, it's a good way to remember
Today and for always