Ever Since You Never Heard of Me

I suppose you think because of my age, well most assume as we age we learn from our mistakes. I didn't make any you see, I left that job to Peter (my husband for 43 years, who passed away suddenly in 2010). So since 2010 I've been not making mistakes, without anyone else to make them either~ Well I have found a few professional types who were good at making mistakes but because I wasn't married to them it was no sense putting up with it, right?

Are you with me here?

The gist is, I'm just starting out, yet as a famous one-name Melanie who is unknown to most of the world~ I want to let you in on this, because, my dear ones, your perspective of Melanie, yes she is in the third person, Melanie, holds an incredibly unique position in this world, and if I could articulate~(someone out there might be better at telling this story than I, but at the moment it's only me.)

Hold on did I lose you? Don't go,okay?

Here is the point, I am the oldest little girl in show business! With my juices intact,
Unrewarded yet fulfilled~ unlike Dylan over rewarded and unfulfilled
I'm still here
Ever since you never heard of me.