Let's light candles in the window in candleholders, and let them do what candles do.

100 years is closer to me than the little numbers one  two   three   four   five ~ we've assigned a quality or lack of to each one, the 'terrible twos', 50, 'over the hill'.

One of the most brilliant observations I've ever heard was Satchel Paige when he said: "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?"

photo by Maddy Miller

photo by Maddy Miller

Peter was like that. We didn't really know how old he was till way later and then we weren't positive.  He passed away one year after a copy of the birth certificate from his village in the Ukraine came.  He passed away ~ I'm not saying that's the reason but it does put it there like a rock ~ so I'm just looking for a solution and ways to beat the system and though I'm no longer anyone's child I am a child of the 60s. Remember I'm about to have a birthday ! Oy!!

Why don't we replace the counting thing, don't just 86 it,  people need their milestones, to celebrate, for...say, the first time someone did something nice for someone else here we go! We watch a child and the minute they give or share something that's it! Forever after, we celebrate that event on that day ~ if we must celebrate let that be it rather then this much time has gone by!!!?

No???Are you with me here? Let's light candles in the window in candleholders, and let them do what candles do.

No one was watching but me ~ and I remember the first thing I did was to trick-or-treat for UNICEF and wow did that make me feel like 'Yes, this is the purpose! I got a little container that said UNICEF ~ some beamed at me, others were interested and asked questions, some suspicious, wondering, other kids didn't want to trick-or-treat with me, I was Elvis trick-or-treating for UNICEF "oh you know the type, she's going to grow up and try to beat the system, good luck little sister"

This year I'll bypass the countdown festivities and wait for trick-or-treat. You get a candle for every good thing you ever do. We'll light candles in the window and only My Dear Ones will know, until it catches on: It's someone's good deed day!

This year I'm in Arizona for my birthday, so I get to be younger longer.