You Gotta Jump

My Dear Ones ~

Adrenaline rush occurs naturally in life circumstances. It’s not necessary to force it unless not too much excites you. In that case I guess you gotta jump. Beau is this magical creature being person you may or may not know has been backing me on guitar for over 10 years. He’s been a concert guitarist/composer for 7 years, playing all over Europe. He is also my son, youngest of 3: Leilah, first born..Jeordie, middle child...then Beau Jarred, baby.

Beau once told me every time he gets on a plane he wonders what it would feel like to go through the clouds, jump from a plane into the air. And today he got to find out. Through my protest he probably heard at 14,000 feet, strapped to Tyler, a total stranger, now new old friend. He bolted from the cockpit on his knees, hands crossed at his heart, a sacrificial looking position of a small beach craft. Freefalling at 157 miles per hour for a full 60 seconds, then parachuted to the ground (through the clouds). He said it was like remembering what it was to fly ~ now he’s determined to orchestrate music that rekindles that memory in all of us.

As a child, I learned how to fly in my dreams.

With love from down on the ground,


P.S. Beau says he gets his biggest rush creating music and playing guitar with his mom ~ he promises not to jump out of planes again. At least not for a while.

Happy Mother's Day!