Where is Bruno

May 10, 2014

There were more people than I expected, as there wasn’t much promotion.  I’ve performed at the Olympia Theatre in Paris in the days of Bruno Coquatrix, the P.T. Barnum of Paris, when promoters took that word seriously, and it all fell on their laps to PROMOTE. Now performers are expected to ride their own social media horses to their own events. Hence, I’m afraid, ones more capable of promotion than, dare I say, their “craft” are the ones in people’s faces.

Where is Bruno Coquatrix?

True, it was over the top with them staging, what did they call them...publicity stunts, I think, had an artist go missing, and then turn up 3 days later, “just on a quiet vacation” or have them jumping out of a window to find later that “they were practicing trampoline, not shown in photo.” The great inventors, the game players.  Yes, Neil Bogart.  Peter the Great, himself. I was just an unwilling participant.  No, I wouldn’t go for the hippie wedding in Central Park, or a Melanie doll, or a fragrance.  “My fragrance? That’s just too personal.”


Now, everyone has a doll and/or fragrance.  People can do all sorts of things with these likenesses. Hmmm.  I’m still a bit Native American, even suspecting a photo can take a bit of your soul.  One glance in a mirror and you will forever be more in a mirror than in the moment.  “Ah, vanity, vanity” says the preacher ~ still, just a bit of effort on the part of people selling tickets to a Melanie show might be nice.  

I mean I try My Dear Ones, and you come.  Trouble is, my lot at present don’t seem to have many friends ~ now that is not a criticism.  I’m certainly not a large crowd person either.  But when I do a show, gig, performance ~ when I’m up there, I’d rather sing to filled seats. I’m funny that way ~ so in my mind, I just put people in the empty ones, that’s all.  Then I’m fine. But those promoters who do not live in my reality are not as pleased as I am.  They are disappointed in Melanie and I hate disappointing people, even promoters.

My point? Hmm, they need a name change. Any suggestions?  All the names in my head I’ve censored from this paper.  I have to work with these people!  So, help me here.  Let’s come up with a name, a title for the ones who want to sell tickets to a show. They can perhaps have genres.  We’re so fond of trapping musical types into a genre. For my kind of music, we could call them “Fringe Bingers”.  Way better than huckster don’t you think?  I didn’t say that. I think it must have been you.  You, with so few friends.  But they’re good ones, aren’t they My Dear Ones? Small in number maybe, but mighty.