The Top of the Palm Trees

December 2, 2013

The tops of palm trees. Not often the view in Florida unless flying or skyriding in a theme park. But they are foolish enough to put up high rises here and there. I am in the tower of the Boca Raton Resort, 11th floor of the 27 available. The wind’s been gusting and just died down, the sun’s come up.

I performed at the benefit last night for the Philippines. I hope they made a lot of money. So many good things one can do with money. And then I look around at the two-, three-million dollar boats, the Maza Ferrari Rolls Royces in shining black white, and this fabulous blue color. Jewels and lifted faces. And in the tops of the palms, I find solace. Yet I remind myself, I’m in a tower. Someday the wind will blow it all away. And I want to sing the pyro Jeni song from the Threepenny Opera...or maybe, Old Bitch Warrior. I want to say to these people, you can be relieved of your burden -- donate! What they raised last night is maybe a year’s worth of car washes for that beautiful Maza Fe-freaking-rarri. The ad in the spa brochure in my room reads “A ritual bath is available at the spa. This 50-minute ritual provides an all over feeling of well being and decadence”?


With love, my dear ones


P.S. The rooms were donated by the Boca Raton Resort, "Mizner's Dream".