The Miracle of Color, Light and Fire

I sat in the middle of the sky at 9:20 PM and even all the way up there, a shrub was obstructing my view. I held it down with the good arm as I am prone to calling it recently. However, my other arm is never referred to as the bad arm. It might make it more predisposed to behaving poorly. I'm encouraging, nurturing and certain it will respond.

Back to NYC and the 4th of July Spectacular. We watched on a W 57th St. rooftop with other residents of the building. My review of fireworks display reads: The gold burst of several sizes, configurations, swirls, wraiths & pinpoints all in golds & white, glistenings & flashes, consecutive. Then the next colors~all
blues and purples
with red orange centers, green outer circulars.

The red hearts were the crowd pleaser, weren't they glad I held down the shrub for that? ~ One of my favorite parts of any fireworks is standing in a group where we all chant “Ooooh”…and then “Ahhhhh”...and the applause at the written-in standing ovation. Smiles & joy of being so blessed, that the heavens bestowed the miracles of Color Light & Fire.

Next time, I envision the fireworks don't stay put but travel. The wraiths leading the way, then the ball bursts bounce up and down and follow. There they go, flitting hither & thither assuming their own life, like us.

So difficult to control. Oh my dear ones, the endless possibilities.

Yeah Hooray ~ the miracles of Color Light & Fire.