The Lives of Others

June 27, 2012

I am in Halle former East Germany, GDR people behind the wall as of what...twenty years ago?  I was in East-Germany, the part Stalin was gifted for his participation in bringing Hitler down before the wall came down, as a spokesperson for UNICEF, when I performed in East Berlin. Then at the Olympic Stadium in the USSR, as the wall came down, then shortly after again ~ people telling me they could have been arrested for listening to my records as I was on a list of subversives. I think I still may be on that list in some other office with another agenda. Still I won' t stop doing what I do.

Last night at a beautiful venue in Halle, Objekt 5, I was again grateful for the experience of performing for people who, at one point didn't know whether they could or would ever listen to me and others on the subversive list without risk of imprisonment or entrapment.

Did you ever see ' The Lives of Others' ? Well, you should.

It is a glimpse of what regular people endured not so long ago in the Western world, regular people like you and me.  Back in the mid-70s, while I was performing down the street in Berlin, when the guard backstage noticed Sally (now our webmaster), grabbed her with hands held behind her back ~ they didn't believe she was with me ~ when I heard the shouting and commotion I screamed "let her go", and some other pointed comments about walls believing, not knowing they were prisoner enforcers, guardians of their own suffering, regular people like you and me, my dear ones, like you and me.


Back, and on to Erfurt and the chocolate man Alex.
chocolate and rose pepper.
Last time magic
Last time Peter
Last time some waited forty years ~ seventeen years ~ twenty two years
Now no one has to wait ~ anything anytime anywhere
Beyonce is not on a subversive list
It is a whole different game