January 13, 2012

My Dear Ones,

Felina Carreiro was unable to attend my performances at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix, Arizona, even though Brand New Key is her favorite.

I’m putting her nonattendance up to the fact that the concert was a late Tuesday night (a school night). Plus, Felina is the sole proprietor of “StickWithFelina Duct Tape Products” and I’m guessing now that she was swamped with upcoming Valentine’s Day orders.

But even in her absence, I was touched with a gift she made after researching my life which indicated that I love tie-dyed and maroon.

Mona, the manager of the club said “Oh, this is for you...I promised I’d give it.”

It’s been three days and i just found it in my bag--handmade by Felina, sole proprietor of StickWithFelina--a tie-dye duct tape wallet, complete with a key and skate emblem, her business card and an articulate description of her 12 year-old self, complete with Hello Kitty stickers.

If you find yourself looking for the ever-durable duct tape product,