Spiders and Webs

September 14, 2013

Everyday on my porch I discover the new works of very industrious Tennessee spiders and I drink my coffee surrounded by Charlotte's Web. Our webs are not visible, nor beautiful, but there nonetheless and can be as treacherous. I’ve been stuck in a few myself. I’m comfortable with my spiders and their webs, the breeze blowing through and the gold ball that I throw to the other side of the lake and it comes back, reminding me to throw again and stop weaving. Spiders do that just fine.

All this talk of spiders and webs. It’s Halloween, the fall, autumn is coming. “Oh baby, look over there, the birds are southward bound. Oh baby, I’m so afraid to lose the love we’ve found.” That’s in quotes because it’s in the Jesse Winchester song. It was “Jesse”. I felt more comfortable with “baby”. Jesse didn’t like me. Maybe it was because I took his name away when I sang his song. Or said “Yankee Man” instead of “Yankee Lady”. I certainly didn’t mean to upset. Intentions are what we need to look at when we find ourselves accusing and weaving, creating uncomfortable and sometimes unbearable webs and nests.

Intentions. Not manners, etiquette, or political correctness. Which brings me to email, leaving entirely too much room for webs...haha. My dear ones, my plan for peace includes web pre-living and lots of LOL.