Scarlett Ribbons

December 22, 2012

My father left me a lot of ribbon. I take out the boxes mostly at Christmas ~ this year, I noticed, it’s dwindling down now ~ my daddy had this idea (he was an idea man) years ago to manufacture pre-decorated, with bows and ribbon, color-themed Christmas trees ~ This idea came to him after several heart attacks and bypasses. He hadn’t yet lost my mother or his second wife, Pat. He drew it for me on a napkin. I thought, “Brilliant. Not exactly what I would have. Only as a second tree, in an entrance, but I bet many would love this idea. Sell ‘em at Wal-mart, K-mart, you know, clean up.”

He bought a warehouse to produce these Christmas trees and bought tons of ribbon ~ he lost his second wife, and then my mother, his lifetime friend. (They were the odd couple, for sure.) The idea went out to the universe, and when Daddy passed (yes, I called him Daddy) there was ribbon ~ lovely ~ scarlet ribbons. I can make a mean bow, not a corporate one, but homey and worthy of a gift package, if not better than its contents. Ribbons and bows passed ~ well, in some of the nicer catalogs that I receive currently, I see my dad’s idea. At this time of year, and for those manufacturers, I just want to say Fred Safka ~ somebody took it and ran ~ the way of the world.

Sometimes the originators of an idea don’t get to take it and run, or clean up. But this is dedicated to the unsung heroes: the one who really wrote The Night Before Christmas. And perhaps some of the ones who really created some Shakespearean works. Dylan songs, here’s to them. Find peace. Take it and run. Some know, and for others, it’s really not that important. Unfair, unjust, but there’s a bigger picture. And that’s where we fit in my dear ones. Have fun and laugh at it. Laugh a lot. I do. But, if I am on a list, I’d just like to know, in the spirit of curiosity satisfied, that’s all, mystery solved. Happy Christmas to you. Enjoy this life in the new year. And laugh a lot my dear ones.