People Think Things

April 6, 2012

People think things ~ We’re imaginative sometimes beyond what’s good for us. One inflection in the voice, one missed appointment ~ a forgotten acknowledgement and one person’s part can set the wheels in motion on the part of the other person. Those wheels can create an entire universe or less spectacularly, a web. A tangled dark place. And then, just as instantaneous as a phone call explaining disburses, vanishes into thin air and sun shines once again.

We are such creative beings, we must take care that the reality we weave in our head coincides with the other person’s reality.

Having said this, I’m hoping Mickey Burns isn’t weaving.

I missed his pre-taped TV interview today in New York. It was scheduled the day right after Sellersville, a late night show and BB King’s tomorrow, April 7th. I got up at 6:30 this morning and made every effort to get the city by 2:00 but to no avail. I asked MJ to see if later was OK--and it wasn’t. So it will have to be next time unless...”I’m sure he hates me...” Maybe he thinks I blew it off or couldn’t be bothered getting there on time. Of course, I’m weaving.

“The life in my head is killing me” she said.