Peanut Butter and Feathers

August 4, 2011

My Dear Ones,

England is now Chicago and I’m in the same suitcase. I shift things around so the bags don’t weigh too much, but they still do ~ they make these large suitcases to be filled only with feathers. If you fill them with clothing, shoes, socks, undies, accessories and cosmetics...all the things you cannot carry on (Beau brings peanut butter, one jar for emergencies. I bring Tuna Panang from Trader Joe’s)...your bag will be overweight. Cars are made to go over a hundred miles an hour when we can only go sixty...and suitcases are destined to be overweight and people penalized by the unscrupulous airlines. Oh yes, "the price of gas", I know, I know. And "the freeze in Florida", so that citrus that was picked before the freeze is three times as much anyway.

I have begun to travel with feathers only, and why couldn’t I be more like Christiane Amanpour? She travels only with a trench coat...a trench coat and she uses hotel amenities...and Bill Clinton who berated her in front of the world for asking an impertinent question and she didn’t flinch. She didn’t stand down. I probably would have cried. Though I'd have tried not but as soon as that lower lip started to quiver, boing! (Eye makeup and all..that heavy makeup bag.) It all comes down to that or I’d be able to stand up to bullying.

So it’s feathers only from now on.