On the Mend

October 12, 2012

My Dear Ones,

Don’t you hate it when you finally get the thread through the needle and for no reason, your hand slightly jerks back and takes the thread out. Back to square one. And why do we have to mend? Some don’t I know. My own children don’t ~ it’s my fault. I wasn’t diligent in teaching to mend. So now they either wait for me, take things to the Asian fixers, or throw it away. If we could just bippity boppity boo, things would be mended…Poof! This is my favorite way to do things because of time. Time seems to be slipping..slipping..slipping into the future. Steve Miller oh yeah ~ Okay I have a problem or in now-speak, an issue. Time is an issue as in “she has issues with time.” What follows are reasons not excuses. To be ready it takes what it takes. To create something, it takes what it takes. I’m really a quantum physicist at heart…truly.~ I take great pleasure in imagining the endless possibilities and believe me. Other physicists and I are the ones who will make your time more bearable. But back to our everyday reality. I wish I was the one who wrote “Time is on my side.” I hum it in head at moments like this when I have to be at a radio interview in 45 minutes. I’m not dressed. I didn’t have enough time to sleep nor enough time to memorize lines or cues. What will happen if I run out of time altogether? Is that even a possibility.

Death could be the end of time. In that case, death don’t come easy to the willing. The sun is up, I’m up. It’s the dawning of a new day. I have a good 24 hours. The year is nearly over. I have to catch up and now this thread is going into the needle…oh no, not again. The rehearsals for #Melanie and the Record Man are halfway through. I look at the clock with the surety that it is playing tricks on me. An hour couldn’t have just gone by. I dispute this. Get me a physicist. Stephen Hawking. Please help me here. Where has time gone? And if the past affects the future, does the future affect the past? Totally possible to me the future exists. To some, it does not as yet. I see everyone’s point of view ~ a whole other tale from the Roadburn Café.

Love Melanie,
hopeless dreamer with visions of the absolute elsewhere dancing in my head my dear ones. Dancing in my head.