Movin' On Up

August 23, 2011

My Dear Ones,

I am on the 58th floor of the John Hancock Building on Michigan Avenue. A magazine of that same name ~ with a photo of Jennifer Hudson, her new body, her new look, her new marriage ~ lies on the cushion of the window seat that spans the length of the living room overlooking Lake Michigan, Sears Tower (I still call it “Sears Tower”), and countless architectural wonders.

Another thirty-six floors up is the observation tower~people line up in droves to see what I am seeing from a little higher up. I sit on the window seat and look out onto Oprah's penthouse~and right here some of you might be thinking, Wow!

But on this particular night, we will make do with just a few bare essentials because this luxurious apartment is also completely unfurnished. Beau and I share our leftover Uno's pizza from the night before, the Spinacoli which is cheese, spinach, broccoli and sauce. Sitting on two folding chairs and using another two bar stools for our plates, we light a candle and eat our dinner while we watch the fireworks display over Navy Pier. Beau takes lot of photos~I've never seen fireworks from above.

We finish the pizza, drink up our Barq's root beer and then dump the paper plates and crumbs into the grocery shopping bag we've been using for trash and wash the plastic utensils. We find a discarded lamp when we throw out the trash, off the hallway, that works! We review the photos, we inflate our blow-up beds, and the shower behind the discount bin shower curtain liner. (Lucky for us, I collect hotel amenities.) We crawl under our borrowed bedding and we say a prayer for our unknown host. She is a friend of a friend of a friend.

My life, my life, the story of my life is much too long and complicated and most of it untrue. My Dear Ones, furnished or not, welcome to the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Love from the Squatters on the 58th floor.