Mellow Jellow

January 19, 2013

Jewel colors
Melts in your mouth
Or you can chew
If it slips down your throat
It won’t choke you
Somehow 50’s vintage, Americana, can be shaped and molded, what is old is new again
‘Melanie?’ no #Jello
My new favorite food,
They need to get inspiration from me, or #jellybellies ~ cotton candy or vanilla or rose petal jam Jello in the most delicate rose quartz pink or black currant in a tanzanite blue purple
Oh Jello ~
For a while it lost its luster associated with old lady luncheon, hospitals, or school hot lunch, ~ pretty food you can eat, certain flowers and Jello
I like saying the word Jello, makes me smile, call me Mellow Jellow
Ironically I’m not fond of yellow Jello right now my favorite existing flavor is apricot ~ nice color
Mixed with pear juice
Let’s make Jello a trending topic