Melanie and the Record Man

Sept 21, 2012

Melanie and the Record Man coming to a theatre pretty far away, near to you. Time runs down as this musical reality show becomes a reality to me, draws near. Does this have dread unspoken that I’m feeling in it? This is just too bizarre. The life I’ve lived so far, protected within a public spin, encapsulated, the magazine articles “At Home with Melanie” types. After my second child the PR read, “Melanie releases her more mature ‘Photograph’ album.” They don’t usually tell the part about her crying uncontrollably every day. At some point in my career I actually took on the attributes of the spin, believing or attempting to, that it was the glossy photo and there was no need for me to suffer the search any longer. But I always knew it would come to this. More than once on stage I revealed a bit of what was going on in my head. Now I’m not the only performer who has things going on in their head that have nothing to do with singing, communicating and projecting but my thoughts will out and at those moments I announce “because this is the court of higher truth” and that is exactly right. But it only comes out in snippets and doesn’t reveal the story. Now we cross that line routinely...twitters, tweets...there isn’t a personal life anymore. I’m communicating one-on-one with some I carefully avoid as a rule. If you live it, it becomes true. Hence we live a lie and never wake up to the truth. I’ve awakened with the passing of Peter to a new truth ~ I am the older version of myself coming to a theatre pretty far away, near to where you live.