Las Vegas

November 27, 2012

I was deathly ill, dizzy, nausea, hot, cold, chills,
burning ~ uncontrollable sobbing,
coughing, and in between worrying,
worrying about ~ the list is too long
and then I went on stage
~ life suspended
~ I remember walking through endless casino bizarre: scantily dressed women, dancing on tables, degradation, lust, greed, and me, sort of, wending through the smoking desperate, “whooo-hoo we are having fun, aren’t we?” people.
Then I am on stage.
There was no voice!
I was out of breath walking.
~ on stage
Life suspended
In Las Vegas.
“How did I do?”
asks the voice in my head.
“You’re a trooper, Melanie, you’re a trooper.”
Thanks, Peter.