Kent State

April 29, 2012

Kent State. The dates I don’t remember. I only recall feelings. I’m going now for the first time, May 4th. I will sing at the memorial. But I was there then, with Beautiful People. And now, no one will be killed. The students have all grown, some with children or grandchildren of their own. With mythicizing mingled with memory, it will be memorialized. The police will just be police, the students just students. No National Guard. No one will be a threat to anyone. It wasn’t Beijing or Africa. It was here in America. It sent a message ~ Behave. Behave, and we’ve done just that. Until Occupy. And now that’s not on TV anymore, “it must be gone”.

Melanie, stop ~ I can’t ~
Just behave. Look what can happen.
It wasn’t India or Taiwan.
So I wrote it down.
And I tore it up.
And I let it slide...
And we forgive ~ and come to this place of well being. One of the girls who was killed played Beautiful People. We probably sang that song together.
Then she stopped.
No one will hear her
sing that song anymore.
But I still do.
Life goes on.
Life is for the living.
Lifetimes ago,
she stopped singing
Beautiful People.
And with the heart and soul of the well behaved millions,
I still sing that song.