It Will Be a Year of Light

January 4, 2012

It will be a year of light.
She said, looking at the toy.
The first toy she’d ever gotten.
Well, maybe when she was a child.
But her new self never got a
... toy ~ odd because she so loves to play.
Perhaps people don’t see her that way.
How do people perceive me she wondered
Realizing she spent at least a whole 2 minutes thinking about herself
when all she wanted was world peace ~ humankind uniting for humankind
and eradicating the forces of evil.
So everyone could find the best within themselves and actualize
It ~ becoming the highest form of Bill, Bob, Fiona, or Justin that they could be.
“And from a distant room
we can hear them giggling
One of them is dreaming the world a little brighter
And everyone is listening to the song in their head
And they sing”
2012 it will be a year of light.
She proclaimed
We’re going into a year of light
Happy New Year!
There, said the toy, I’ve done what I came here to do.