I Let it Slide

March 30, 2013

How can we have world peace, my dear ones, when we each have such imagination, glorious imagination, creating offenses that others may have unwittingly stepped into?
The stage gets set ~ you're walking along and your next natural step has landed you in a pitfall. You try to explain, you say, “Oh, I was just walking along and my foot went into a pitfall.” You should have thought, said, realized, known, but of course, you didn't, so an upset is there, with all its negative energy.

Now instead both of you being on the same side, there are two opposing sides ~

Sometimes it's in your head
that words don't come out right
a hundred ways to write it down
to avoid a fight we articulate,
it escalates
somebody's right
somebody's wrong
~ it is as it's supposed to be
so why not sing along

So I wrote it down
and I tore it up
and I let it slide
Lord I let it slide

in the head
in the heart
as we seek truth,
that give way to paths
without the strain of walking