How Old Would You Be?

February 28, 2013

In 1968 or '69, the heart of the '60s, if someone said to me "You have a large young following, kids 14 to 19 are loving your music", that statistic would have ranked right up there with insult. Now when someone says that, I’m to be ever so grateful!  Did I miss something?

Young then equated to immaturity, not so worldly-wise, socially-undeveloped, given-to-whims-and-fads, fickle, feckless, easily-swayed-by-peer-pressure, the ones who watch themselves and finally looking for love in all the wrong places ~ oh wait!  Come back oh young ones! Of course I kiss your ring and am eternally grateful. And in figuring out why … I’ve come to at least one realization. Old people die ~ some of my fans are going over to the other side, my biggest fan, being one. So I suppose it’s good to keep replenishing your stock ~ now old ones I am not saying you are easily replaced by ‘young’ but I don’t believe that is the real ‘why’ the arts and entertainment world views young as the prerequisite for success. I wish it were a simple matter of life and death and numbers, but it’s not. If our role models and opinion leaders are 16 with my aforementioned attributes or lack of, control is more easily achieved. 

‘Nuff said, my dear ones, how old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?* ~ I’m all for cross generation admiration and that needs to go both ways.


* Satchel Paige