Fall into Autumn

September 23, 2013

I’m thinking about my set for the upcoming 9/29 at Notable Blends. If it was just going to be “us” I probably wouldn’t. But considering there could be people who might never leave their homes watching, the ones who might spy from a crack in their curtain on their neighbors, across the way. Voyeurs. The audience for the live stream could include the curious. “How is she looking these days?” “Can she still sing?” Critics ~ critical types. Usually in a live show, I can spot them. There is a mass and weight to those thoughts, a certain energy I can avoid up there, where I have a protective shield that’s been created for me.

Yes my dear ones, once upon a time, one hundred years ago or more, more or less, I sang at Woodstock and the flow of human power, light and love has not left me. I will sing forever ~ I didn’t get paid, but that’s one hell of a perk, huh? So I don’t need to fret. (Beau’s joke: What kind of musician worries the least? Answer: A fretless bass player.) But I will give some thought to my approach of reckless abandon and do songs I never do ~ it will be a test of sorts for me ~ to qualify they will be songs I love and don’t feel have been given a fair shot or have never been officially recorded or fall into autumn ~ that’s the name of this show , Fall into Autumn with Melanie.

I will herald in the season with Happy Christmahanavaloween ~ as retailers are negating September, October, I will attempt to give those golden months their due. I hope you, my dear ones, will be there. You never know who’s watching. Walmart may wage war against such heresy (they’re big) because the invisible picket signs in front of the stage at marquees will read, “Let us have October. Keep the essence of November.” Walmart can have the whole 25 days before Christmas. This should be in the contract. An irrevocable decree which states unequivocally that heretofore, humanity (also known as humadity) keeps October and November. Retailers have the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas and through the new year. Then, no hearts and valentines until five days before the end of January.

And whoever might want to buy and support Christmas in September can go online or visit the many all-year-long Christmas shops. Or this year, buy everything they need the day after Christmas at great bargain prices. Of course there’s very little heart in that. (My point exactly.) I envision this lawn in an upper middle class suburbia festooned with jack-o-lantern lights, a ten-foot blow-up snowman holding a menorah, lighted cupids propped up around the manger (heart shaped luminaries), a Christmas tree covered with little turkeys and pilgrims, and finished off with a sleigh. And in the sleigh, next to Santa, as a vampire, a pilgrim holding a turkey and a tofurkey and everyday, blow-up pedestrians running for their lives as Cupid’s arrows fly. It’s only September! We don’t need to hurry. Um, but I do have a signed book that might be the perfect Christmas...no, never mind. But they could run out. Oh, I’m joking of course. It’s not even close to...anything, except Halloween. What are you going to be? I’m going as love and a kiss from the heart.