Every Click Counts

September 10, 2014

Ok, friends of me, my progeny and humanity, someone did my firstborn wrong.

She had worked really hard creatively and physically to get this youtube out and was up to thousands of views!

Then just like that, and because it was the best they could come up with or create,

a person with mean spirited intentions, took Leilah's video off!?!?  She's had to start from square one.

You can kiss away the bruises by clicking, or re clicking,

if you've done it before.you've got the Beautiful People power do it in a day!

My dear ones, please make the girl smile, because a mother is as happy as her least happy child ~

then we'll work on getting gas prices down and on to happiness and peace for all mankind!

Thanking you in advance.


P.S. Here's the link:  Leilah's video on YouTube