Coconut Creamer

August 18, 2012

Well I was going to tell you about So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer myself but the realization came to me some time ago that convincing people of the merits of this or that product, philosophical, political or even spiritual idea might not be my strong suit. So Jack...Jack Haldoupis...the director/producer of Melanie and the Record Man, musical show headed to a theatre very far from you in October, Rochester...will tell you about it.

This coffee creamer thing has inspired me to think and rethink. I’m going to give it a last ditch attempt to get at least My Dear Ones, for you, to rally round. I feel the bated breath. It could be my own as politics and religion have been known to inspire violent reactions to rally round Ron Paul. I was asked to come down to his rally in Tampa at the end of August, and I want to...wait, wait. I’ll explain. I’d have to fund it myself...and that, the funding part, is a good thing. They don’t have frou-frou money. And at this moment in time, music and art are frou-frou, which is my point. The current system is a dwindling spiral. The two party system keeps us believing we have a choice.

My Dear Ones, let’s get real and I’ll preface the next bit with this thought: I’d like to see a world without war, (in other words, peace), abundant health (not pharmaceuticals, but true health coming from prevention) and lastly, a population with the absence of penalty for earning a living (tax). Now, this makes me a dangerous person but I dwell in the realms of obscurity for now. And with the advent of Clear Channel will, to a degree, for the remainder of my life on this earth, unless AN IF. And in these words lie a solution.

  • Federally fund all presidential and congressional races
  • Volunteer-driven, petition-processed qualification for such federal funds
  • No personal fortunes used
  • A six-month to a one-year election cycle

Those four simple changes, not in our present system, they’re just simple. “But Melanie, I don’t want to waste my vote. I’m going to vote for the lesser of two evils” still is a vote for evil, ok? It’s not a wasted vote. You see, it tells the powers that be...and that ain’t right or left, that’s just a diversionary tactic making people believe they have a choice...that people are thinking. So trust me, vote on Paul. Rally round Ron Paul. A slight push upward against the dangerous rising tide of conformity. Fashion statements, tattoos, piercings and weird hairdos don’t really count I’m afraid. No, he won’t win. Maybe if it was John Lennon saying this--and I bet he would. (Maybe that’s why he’s dead...too powerful, too influential.) There isn’t one pop person out there who threatens the dwindling system. Only right and left. Sorry. Sorry, Pete. Dylan has never stepped out...still waters run safe. Lady Gaga, please.

So trust me: creamers, no soy. Soy should be used only where you might use cleaning solutions and to burn, as in candles. Coconut creamer, bring it with you to Starbucks if you have to. Otherwise you’d end up with “got Milk?” or say politically correct soy. So go coconut, Coconut Milk Creamer. They also make milk and ice cream. It’s been my secret favorite till now. I come out. Coconut creamer and Ron Paul: two ways to save the planet.

My Dear Ones, celebrate every day of your life, fund my trip to sing for Ron Paul and vote for something.