Beau's Birthday Bash

Sept 4, 2012

My Dear Ones,

Some take birthdays in stride. My side of the family doesn’t. Beau Jarred, I’m afraid, takes after my side of the family. Which is now just me. Beau is my guitarist, my son and friend. And we’ve gone from troika to the two man team. We had been the two, cloistered in our respective places, whether in our room at home, hotel or dressing room. Peter was the gadabout. He’d come in and tell us when, if, and or announce “great news”. He would organize the event or fly so-and-so in or book this and that. And we would dutifully, with our sense of adventure aroused, simply go, arrive and be amazed, horrified or surprised depending on how fantasmagorical Peter was on that day. Never a shortage of people with Peter in the house. I on the other hand have to dig them up.

My approach is an uninviting one. The complete opposite of what you’d want when you are inviting someone to a birthday. “Hi, I know you’re very busy. And it is only us. It’s a birthday party. Oh I hate to bother you and I totally understand if you can’t...” and so on ~ with this underlying attitude (of course, I don’t actually say those words) you attract your basic Mr. Shlump and Mrs. Shlameel with a little chopped liver. On to the catering.

Beau and I are on the way of eating. No bread, grain products, no sugar including rice, potatoes, beans...none. So I’ve gotten very creative with almond flour and chia seeds. Ask me. Go ahead, ask me ~ so what sort of birthday will it be without cake and ice cream? I’m not certain yet, but I’m going to fly in 12 angels, my own fairy godmother and I promise, no one of importance. Shlameel, Shlump and chopped liver, all this is allowed on the anti-inflammatory approach. It will be the not-to-miss event of the season. And to keep it absolutely exclusive, it will not be reported or twittered or on facebook anywhere.

My Dear Ones, wanna come? September 11th. Yes, September 11th. Beau’s Birthday Bash.