Be Your Authentic Self

November 17, 2012

The polarization of people, ok, right there, is the crux of it, divide(divide).
I'm very happy that they come, the ones who saw me in 1972 or '85, but why not, "Oh, I first saw you in 2011."
For that matter, why aren't their more Hispanics or Blacks in my audience ~ it's ludicrous and how were are being controlled.
"Oh you wear your hair like that, you're 16, or black, or goth?" Labeling and marketing.
Jimi Hendrix was considered by the powers that be, very dangerous. Black with a white following!
You see we don't have to rage and rail and/or protest, scream, and demonstrate (although I'm all in on "Occupy". I sense a brilliance and sanity there)
We need only to cross over the lines, cross over to the absurdly opposite of what you are being programmed to be and jolt yourself too.
Confuse the shit out of the controllers, "Hey! What's a sixty four year old doing buying the brand we are marketing to twenty year olds?"
"How is it that, that eighteen year old is buying a Melanie CD?" The least we can do is keep them bewildered.
Oh, and do waste your vote. Go with the one that speaks to your sense of knowing
Mostly ~ be your authentic self.
Rise against the tide of conformity.
That doesn't mean you need to put a quarter sized hole in your ear or be interesting for the sake of being interesting ~
you can wear anything you please...suit ,tie, basic black and pearls, there's room for all of it.
There's room for beige, taupe, or purple and orange.
And there is enough ~ shortages are created to suppress and control ie. gas prices.
So remember, keep them guessing and confused.
Send messages that bewilder. And everyone ages 18-35, buy a Melanie "Ever Since You Never Heard of Me" CD.
I just get a kick out of some stassi sort monitoring my site and seeing that unlikely demographic.
Come on kids, rally, rise, and occupy!
And thank you Miley, cross generation admiration.
Because I talk crazy doesn't mean I am ~ it's just that I know a lot.
I'm just days away from knowing everything, my dear ones.