Autumn Has Two Names

October 29, 2012

 So, my dear ones, I wake at first light, went to bed at three AM. Oh well why battle it ~ I'm up. Today is the last performance of Melanie and the Record Man at Blackfriars theatre ~ Mo, Nick, Dave, the technical crew, Ben the "there for me" guy, Kat ~ Jack who envisioned this after reading the last tale from the Roadburn Cafe.
The actors, Nick, Mandy, Janine, Robyn, Carl, Danny, we won't be playing in the same playground much longer, we can project this onto other times and stages but we have had our run here and it will never be repeated after today. I've seen Peter walking, heard him talking to me now and then, seen myself taking the stage at Carnegie Hall, a voyeur in my own life ~ time sequences jumping back and forth ~ what difference does it make if it is now or 20, 40 years ago? It's real ~ The line from Kalil Gibran goes over and over in my head ' who can depart from his pain and his aloneness without regret' I read that when I was 17, now I am 65 ~ it's still true ~ that's why I love the real and the true.

Autumn, the only season with two names:
Fall the descriptive and Autumn the word passing for a rhyme with solemn
A visual lesson from the creator of the universe that death is beautiful.
I don't believe there is a more vibrant red than in a dying leaf

We are shining today vibrant red
But the lights will go out and we'll cry, I know this ~
we cry for our life that will be gone tomorrow
all the pain, the joy of it, passing into memory
~ it's what the actor deals with I suppose, going from one playground to another
new kids, new monkey bars, a different sandbox, unfamiliar areas to embrace
or avoid

We rehearse once again for a new life, a new death.

Actors are lucky 'cause they can do it when they're dead.
That will be our new bumper sticker.
Available soon in the Melanie store.

To be continued, my dear ones,