March 16, 2013

Beau produced a track on Jeordie’s new recording, PixieBeast.
It’s called “Arizona”.
Arizona evoking images of badlands, cactus, yippee-aye-oh-ki-yay, cowboys ~ turquoise and precious waters and Frank Lloyd Wright aliens, where Beau and I went when we lost Peter.
And Jodi Floyd offered sanctuary in her casita ~
the sun shone every day,

Jeordie had moved there some years previous and Peter, Beau and I had never seen where she lived; and then only Beau and I made that pilgrimage.

Arizona was the year I saw a world come to an end,
Arizona was the name of the new one.
Arizona, dreamtime in the sun, a small village of Mexican workers came once a month ~ the garden, the pool, the desert trees, the house, casitas made clean, trimmed, and blessed with laughter, singing, and sideways glancing at the quiet lady surrounded by bluish wisp and mist. The village people they smile at the guitar, Guitar. Ahh. You? So nice! I don’t speak Spanish, other brave people came into my haze, cooled themselves left thirsty ~’you were my Arizona’ ~
when I heard the song Jeordie wrote I knew,
even though she may not, it was for us ~
Peter’s final resting place is Arizona.

We’ve been everywhere since then leaving small pools of tears, there’s a river of them in Arizona ~ around the corkscrew turns down and down unto the sea we leave for a little while ~ Jeordie stayed. We had seen where she lives, the pixie beast so much like her father ~ she stays in Arizona.

If you get a chance you gotta hear her new recording and this song, it makes me cry, for all that has come and gone, beautiful sadness, my dear ones, beautiful sadness.


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