A Great Night, You'd Have to Be There

May 23, 2013

People who love me show things not for public viewing. What has been sweeping across, past and over our sense of discrimination?

Some desire to stamp our own "Kilroy was here"? Right there with outsized monolithic tombstones ~ "we were here" and here lies the YouTube ~ celebrity. It’s the new "I’m here’, I’m here, do you see me? please see me!" vicarious celebrity ~ so you’ve put a poorly recorded something or other on YouTube because you can. What a sad commentary. At gatherings someone will hold up their very Smartphone and say look at this, it’s viral! And the person who made it is now a celebrity, most likely famous for being famous. Exhibitionism has crossed over the line to celebrity ~ I’m not just kvetching I’m imploring you to wake up!

Awaken, arise, oh and do not put my concerts on you tube ~ just in case you don’t know…. I do not want this.

Most are not qualified and here’s the crux of the matter: you were there ~ be there, enjoy, cry, laugh, listen, look ~ look at others listening, laughing, crying, applauding ~ I’m singing for YOU, that moment, it’s not intended for the ones who did not come ~ it’s for you in the moment ~ so you want a souvenir? Buy my CD "Ever Since You Never Heard of Me", that is what I like you to play over and over. Not some hideously recorded, filtered by distance, time, distorted by not being in the moment ~ for that person removed and standing at some gathering with a phone in their face, watching a shallow misrepresentational image because the technology is there and the hopes of viruses dancing in the heads of the YouTuber. It’s just time to awaken and that’s all.

"Nuff said" said Melanie. I would like my due, in the words of M who worries that I’ve been elbowed out, this YouTube garbage doesn’t help and for those who look at hits and numbers, what does that have to do with me, art, the essence ~ make it real you’re alive, wasn’t it a great night, it doesn’t come through on YouTube my dear ones!
A great night, you’d have to be there.