Let's Be Alone, Together

There's no denying that mine is a life well-documented: If you Google the name “Melanie Safka” on YouTube,

  • You’ll find more than 26,000 videos.
  • If you add the term “live” to find concert videos, more than 15,000 remain.
  • Nearly ⅓ of those 15,000 videos have been posted in just the past year.

What’s upsetting is that many of the newer videos were recorded during my live performances. More and more often, they are posted by people who love me and my music, who come to be part of the audience, but who for some reason feel obligated to pull out their phones and take videos during the event. It's upsetting because it usually means that:

  • They distract others from enjoying the show
  • They produce and publish poor quality recordings of the show (without my permission)
  • And perhaps most importantly, their recordings are nothing like the experience.

I’m asking you to please help me stop the madness. If you attend one of my shows, you can expect that Beau and I plan to share a very special evening with you. More than anything else, we come prepared to create music, magic and memories for everyone who attends. Buy a CD or T-shirt after the show if you'd like to have a souvenir. During the program, we need your undivided attention. Turn off your cellphones (and any other recording devices) and become part of that experience. Let's all enjoy the show. Together, alone.


Banner photo © Maddy Miller.