It's Here! Get your Copy of Melanie's new live double CD release 1984 - Melanie and the Bruizers.

Back in 1984, Melanie played a show in Jackson NH at the Eagle Mountain House, part of a legendary concert series there.  She had an all-star backing band (The Bruizers) that included Stanley Sheldon on Bass, (Frampton) Ernest "Boom" Carter on drums (E Street Band) and George Meyer (Meatloaf) on Keyboards.  There was only one tape of the show, and it has never been duplicated until now.   Melanie's son Beau has remixed and mastered the recording  and it is being released as a double CD, with a full two hours of incredible music, including some original songs that have never appeared on an album. 

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 Technical/spiritual note on 1984;)

My dear ones, wanted you to know that the new 1984 double album is for the most part in 444 Hz not 432 Hz. This was due to technical difficulties, as I say near the end of track 4 "I'm gonna give it to a technician";).

The audio/ data from the tapes that Beau used to import into the the digital world needed a lot of work. One of the many things he did to improve audio quality was he found a frequency that felt natural and true to my performance <3

Once Beau knew I was happy with the way it sounded he worked the recording magic process & the rest is history<3  444 Hz (for this particular recording) worked better than 432Hz for maintaining higher audio quality. Again, this has only to do with this particular recording situation, 432Hz & 444 Hz are both great!

Anyhow it all worked out,after all, the  Love frequency ( 444Hz) I believe is quite important in these times<3  The new ( meaning non vintage) recordings that Beau & I create together will most likely be in 432Hz , but if not they will be in 444 Hz. 

It's all good ;)


A fan's review....
["There's a story to tell and this one is worth telling…" - Melanie & Beau]

I just spent close to 2 hours driving my car on every backroad I could find, jamming away to the long awaited CD release of "1984-MELANIE AND THE BRUIZERS," which arrived in today's mail. What can I say, short of babbling excitable nonsense here, other than it is fantastic! I'm already referring to it as "Ballroom Streets, Part II." It has all the freshness, softness, hardness, tightness, looseness, guts & glamour, mixture of rarely heard songs and a few classics, and the work Beau did in restoring this "Official Bootleg" release, recorded at The Eagle Mountain House on October 22, 1984 is stellar. What's immediately noticed, is that Melanie and The Bruizers are having a great time, and I was pulled right in having a great time with them. Most of you know the set-list already, so will skip printing it. I will add that there's a big difference between a "greatest hits" and a "best of…" CD. It is neither. Though it contains some of the greatest and best pre-1984 material, it is an exciting and wondrous trip with Melanie…a time machine ride back to a joyous evening in 1984. A happening. An event. A party! And now we can all be there…all be close to it all. A part of it all. Please, please, please buy this CD and support Melanie & Beau. It has instantly become one of my very favorite of Melanie's live recordings.  


Track Listing
Disc 1

1. Look What They've Done to My Song, Ma  5:42
2. Didn't You Ever Love  5:50
3. It Don't Matter Now  6:51
4. Clock Strikes Twelve  5:49
5. Brand New Key  6:29
6. Lover's Lullaby  5:42
7. Damn Old Apathy  5:14
8. Champagne Song  5:09
9. Groundhog Day  2:59
10. Cyclone  4:53
11. Boy Next Door  4:43
Disc 2
12. Psychotherapy  5:09
13. If You Don't Know You Love Me  4:16
14. Taking it Easy  3:56
15. Road Burn 3:57
16. Just Can't Do It  3:11
17. Just Can't do It (audience sing-along)  3:51
18. Mushroom Joke  2:41
19. Ruby Tuesday  7:04
20. Stand By Me  6:18
21. It's Not a Job  4:37
22. Beautiful People  4:59
23. Lay Down  4:22

Listen to excerpts of the tracks HERE

This isn't your usual board mix, Beau Jarred actually went back in time. I can show you pictures of his time traveled computer screen;) He ripped out words (made them audible), tore up hiss, (kept just the perfect vintage amount), even tuned my guitar. He time traveled to morph his adult self to the four-year-old Beau Jarred he was in 1984, became really good friends with the band and got to see his mother in a light not possible without being there.

This is true, I have pictures to prove it,magic does exist. Who of you were there? come forth, there were no cellphone shots~they're in your head~ no YouTube's, this is better~ today, first day of 2015! party like it's 1984!!!!;)

Happy New Year!!!!


Melanie & Beau